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Our Mission - to provide people opportunities to grow in their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Rest Reset Soar

There are a lot of great "re" words for a retreat center to use: rest, renew, restore, reset, revive. As we were thinking through a "tag line" of sorts we knew we wanted to convey the idea of a place of rest and renewal. While we were tossing ideas around we came across a sermon from a pastor in Mt. Juliet. He had a series and used "reset" in the title. (I don't remember all of the details as I"m writing this, but we decided that a "reset" is exactlly what a lot of us need. The toils and troubles of life can get us off track. We need a time and a place set aside where we can rest in the Lord, and rest from work and rest.... and then we need to let the Holy Spirit work in our hearts and reset us. Reset us back to following our first Love. Reset us where again we are spending time in prayer and Bible study and looking to the Lord for - well, everything. 

Then, after we have rested our bodies and minds and spirits, when we have reset our hearts and minds to the things of the Lord we can SOAR! We can do great Kingdom things! We are no longer struggling to do things in our own strength. We can now soar on wings like an eagle.

This is the main purpose of Eagle's Wing. To give you and others a place where you can rest, reset and then leave to soar above the troubles of life and live the abundant life that Jesus calls us to.

Rest. Reset. Soar! 

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