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Our Mission - to provide people opportunities to grow in their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

What's In a Name - Part 1

Eagle's Wing Ministries

It's a long story on how we ended up with a retreat center in our future. The ministry that was first put in our hearts was a ministry to clergy - pastors and denominational workers who need a time of refreshing, renewal or just a day or two of relaxation. Pastors and their families face burnout, failure (real or perceived, moral, financial or other) exhaustion and more. We want to provide a place and resources to minister to those who give their lives ministering to others.

It's probably no surprise that one of the verses that came to mind for people needing renewal would be Isaiah 40:31.


There are things that we can offer to those who need renewal - a restful, peaceful campground, a small chapel for a quiet place for Bible study and prayer, resources, a friendly smile and someone to share your burdens - things like that. But all of these are just ways to point people to Jesus. It is in Him that we find our strength, our peace, our comfort, our joy. Eagle's Wing Ministries' purpose is 

-          To provide opportunities for people to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.


​Clergy, pastors, men, women, teenagers, sr. adults - we want to encourage you and provide a place and programming and support for you to grow in your faith and in your relationship with Jesus. Come join us! 

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