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Our Mission - to provide people opportunities to grow in their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Welcome To Eagle's wing!

Rest - Stop what you're doing. Put your packed schedule on hold. Get away from the pressures of life. Rest.

Reset - Remember what's important. Set some goals. Downsize your schedule.

Soar - Renew your strength and SOAR on wings like an eagle!

Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint Isaiah 40:31

Eagle's Wing Ministries is developing The Retreat Center at Eagle's Wing where there will be facilities, resources and support for all of the ministries above.

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A Facebook Memory

This Facebook memory.... This was one of the events in the past few years that God used to push me into developing Eagle's Wing Ministries, LLC

Pray for your pastors. Pray for us as we develop a retreat center that will minister to pastors as well as to youth groups and others that are looking for a place to get away and spend time with the Lord.

Pastor Andrew Stoecklein of Inland Hills Church (Chino, Ca) took his own life this weekend. My heart is broken for his wife and three children, as well as for his church family and community. Depression is real and pastors are not exempt or defective who experience it. Below is a noteworthy article that I believe many pastors would share but it would seem weak or self-serving. I would recommend that every church member and attender read and then share on behalf of their pastor. In this generation, pastors are expected to be business savvy, Instagram quotable preaching celebrities, fully accessible, deeply spiritual, not too young, not too old, and if a pastor doesn't quite measure up to someone's expectation at any given moment, they are given a two out of five star rating on Google. Wow! We have reduced the ministry to star ratings on Google! Let me recommend that you pray for your pastor and support your church faithfully! You'll probably never realize what they walk through privately. Lastly, if you are struggling with depression, regardless of whether you are in the ministry or not, please reach out for help. (Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255)

Blog Posts

Tennessee River Boys in Concert

We had a wonderful evening with the Tennessee River Boys. 

The concert was great! Fantastic food was offered by Legends Smokehouse BBQ.

Over $20,000 was given to further the ministry of Eagle's Wing!

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Rest Reset Soar

There are a lot of great "re" words for a retreat center to use: rest, renew, restore, reset, revive. As we were thinking through a "tag line" of sorts we knew we wanted to convey the idea of a place of rest and renewal. While we were tossing ideas around we came across a sermon from a pastor in M…

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Pastors Burnout

"The Challenge of Pastoral Burnout" is an article from 2017 that talks about pastors burning out and how one group is working to help pastors before they burn out and drop out of ministry.

At Eagle's Wing, we also are working to encourage and support pastors. Having a place for retreat, refresh…

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A Beautiful Present



The CEO/President of Eagle's Wing is Lyndel Littleton. Lyndel is the Worship Pastor at Hilldale Baptist Church in Clarksville, TN. Many of the people at Hilldale have been a wonderful encouragement in the start-up of Eagle's Wing Ministries. To show their support and encouragement fo…

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What's In a Name - Part 1

Eagle's Wing Ministries

It's a long story on how we ended up with a retreat center in our future. The ministry that was first put in our hearts was a ministry to clergy - pastors and denominational workers who need a time of refreshing, renewal or just a day or two of relaxation. Pastors and thei…

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