Eagle's Wing Ministries

Our Mission - to provide people opportunities to grow in their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

200 Strong!

We want to be 200 strong!

Things are moving along wonderfully at Eagle's Wing! We will have some spaces ready to go at the start of Summer for church groups and everyone looking for some retreat or conference space.

So we're looking for 200 individuals or businesses who will pledge $5 a month for a year to help make everything happen! You can set up a recurring donation through PayPal here on our website. Facebook has a way to make recurring donations too (we think.)

You'll see a lot of posts on Facebook and Instagram sharing some great things that you can get for $5 from local businesses and other places. This is to promote local businesses and to remind you what a great bargain it is to give only $5 a month. Send us a message or email us to let us know that you'll be one of our 200!

Thank you! Donate here.

Shop at Rural King!

Rural King is supporting Christian organizations by donating 10% of each valid Rural King receipt total after sales tax to the registered organization chosen by the customer.

Eagle's Wing Ministries is registered!

From March 14-27, 2021, customers can upload their Rural King receipts to and 10% of their receipt total after sales tax will go to the registered Christian organization of their choice.

Instructions: • Go to or click on this link:

• Under Church Week Heading, click on Search or Organization Search

• Select State: Tennessee

• Select City: Clarksville

• Select: Eagles Wing MInistries, LLC (You should now see a picture of our logo)

• Beginning on March 14th there should be a link for you to upload your receipt.

• All receipts dated March 14-27, 2021 must be uploaded by April 1, 2021. All donations will be provided by our local Rural King. All Rural King stores are participating. 

Closed for the Season

Thank you! We had a blast! The Chutes were so much fun and we met a lot of wonderful people!

We knew the last weekend was coming..... and it makes us sad. But we've had to end even earlier than we had planned. All of the snow and ice messed up The Chutes. They aren't working correctly and with a weekend of rain we won't be able to get out there and get them working again. 

Check back with us for other events coming later this year AND...

The Chutes will be back next November through February. We'll let you know the exact dates closer to time.

Snow Much Fun!!

We are having a blast at Eagle's Wing with all of the fun groups that are coming out for snowtubing! You can reserve your own spots on our Snow Tubing page!

Snow Tubing Hours

Ready to bring the family and friends out to Eagle's Wing for a fun afternoon or evening of snow tubing (without snow)? You'll need tickets. Now you can get tickets here on our website! Snowtubing! or text or call the Eagle's Wing office at 931-237-0654. We have a discount for groups of ten or more. If you want to be extra socially distanced and have a private family time, text or call 931-237-0654.

Snow tubing sessions are one hour in length. Our regular operating times begin at:

Fridays - 4:30, 6:00, 7:30

Saturdays - 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:30

Sundays - 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:30




Snow Tubing Grand Opening

Monday, December 21, is opening day!

What is snow tubing without snow? We have some special snow turf and fancy blue snow tubes and a nice hill. The perfect combination for a fun time with family and friends! 

This is our Winter fund-raiser for Eagle's Wing. Find out more about Eagle's Wing on our "about" page. (Our About page)

Get your tickets on our Snow Tubing page. 

Giving Tuesday - Raise the Barn!

Giving Tuesday is December 1 this year (2020). Our main purpose at Eagle's Wing Ministries, LLC is "to provide people opportunities to grow in their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ."

For us to effectively begin this ministry we need a meeting space. Under the trees of the beautiful wooded area of Eagle's Wing Retreat Center is a wonderful place, but INSIDE a building is more practical on rainy, windy, hot or cold days. 

We have a barn - at least all of the pieces - but it will cost several thousand dollars to get it up and running with electricity and water.


We're having a fun "Giving Tuesday - Raise the Barn" fund raiser. 

Our goal is to raise $20,000 ! 

Here's how it will work.

Get several of your friends to join you in forming an Eagle's Wing Support Team. Set a team goal and then earn prizes for your team. The prizes listed below will be given to each member of your team (limit of 10 team members.)

Raise $200 and everyone on your team will receive an Eagle's Wing mask. (Not only fashionable, but perfect for helping prevent the spread of COVID 19.) The entire list looks like this.

$200 - Eagle's Wing Masks

$400 - Small Eagle's Wing Frisbees

$700 -  Eagle's Wing Lanyards

$1000 - Large Eagle's Wing Frisbees

$1400 - Eagle's Wing Christmas balls

$2000 - One hour of snow tubing with team (+1 for each team member)

And for the team with the most money raised—a cookout party and tubing for team (+1 for each team member)

Be creative in how you raise money - bake pies, have a garage sale, collect pennies, post on Facebook and Instagram, come up with a cool Eagle's Wing dance challenge on TikTok (and ask for donations).... You're ideas will be great!

Give us your team name and we will create a donation post in your team's name on Facebook that you can then share on each of your team member's timeline. 

Go to our "support" page and sign up. (You can click here to get there.)




Welcome To Eagle's wing!

Rest - Stop what you're doing. Put your packed schedule on hold. Get away from the pressures of life. Rest.

Reset - Remember what's important. Set some goals. Downsize your schedule.

Soar - Renew your strength and SOAR on wings like an eagle!

Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint Isaiah 40:31

Eagle's Wing Ministries is developing The Retreat Center at Eagle's Wing where there will be facilities, resources and support for all of the ministries above.

Click the "about" button to see more about us: our purpose and vision statements, who we are and more about our plans.

Contact us to see how you can volunteer or to make a contribution to support these ministries.

Check our blog for updates on our progress and to see how you can pray for us as we launch ministries. 

Click "support" to give a donation or sign up for email newsletters.


The Gift of a Barn!

There are many things that have to happen as you begin a new ministry - planning, funding, ministry connections, construction... 

A very important component for a retreat center where people can go to #rest #reset and #soar is a building. Our plans included a barn, but finances were putting that off for a little bit. You can imagine our excitement when we were gifted a barn! Jarrod and Jodi were going to knock down their barn and replace it with - well, I don't know, but through a series of events and conversations we told them that we would LOVE to take their barn. The only catch is that we have to take it down, haul it over to the Retreat Center at Eagle's Wing and then put it back together. (I think that sounds a little easier than it is, lol.)

Here's the barn. Doesn't it look great?! (Sorry, the boat isn't included in the deal!)



Here are a few pics of the barn coming down. Look for more pics and an update tomorrow. A huge thank you goes to our our first de-construction teams: Cinde, Pat, Sherry, Terry, Andrew, Ben, Roger, Phyllis, Phyllis (2) , Deanna, Chris and Lyndel. And our fantastic chef for the day, Cheryl.


Taking Down a Barn

It was a lot of fun - and perhaps a bit therapeutic, lol. There's just something very satisfying about taking down a building without destroying it.

We had a great time with all of our volunteers. Some were able to work a few hours while others worked more than one day! Thank you to all! Here are some pictures of the barn coming down!





Think About Us - Garage Sale

When an organization is just beginning - well... maybe forever - a lot of what happens is made possible by the generous donations from people who support your vision.

An EASY way to support the ministries of Eagle's Wing is to think of us the next time you are having a garage sale - or cleaning out your mom's attic. Someone suggested that we make a list of things that would be helpful for Eagle's Wing to have - things that people could donate easily (meaning stuff you don't need anymore.)

Since we don't have our pastor's cabins - and won't for a while - the most useful things for us now are things for outdoors. Here are some ideas (just to get you started thinking.)

Things for cleaning up the grounds.

     Leaf-blower, weedeater, rakes and hoes, water hose

Things for landscaping

     Stepping stones, birdbaths, trees and shrubs, outdoor benches

Things for recreation

     Corn hole, archery, badminton, croquet 

Things for getting around a lot of acres

     Golf cart, 4 wheeler

AND... donations to Eagle's Wing are tax deductible. Thank you!






Disc Golf Coming to Eagle's Wing!

  Our resident Disc Golf pro is Micah Milam. Micah has many years of experience in playing Disc Golf. He has played in tournaments across the Southeast United States and Costa Rica. His plans include disc golfing in Portugal where his parents work. He is designing our course in the beautiful woods of Eagle's Wing. Micah uses his connections in Disc Golf as a means of building relationships to be able to then share the Gospel.

At Eagle's Wing we will use Disc Golf in this same way and to reach out to our community. If you would like to sponsor a hole, we would like to recognize you with a plaque. Your gift of $75 will make it possible for us to design and equip one hole. This Link will take you to our support page.

A Facebook Memory

This Facebook memory.... This was one of the events in the past few years that God used to push me into developing Eagle's Wing Ministries, LLC

Pray for your pastors. Pray for us as we develop a retreat center that will minister to pastors as well as to youth groups and others that are looking for a place to get away and spend time with the Lord.

Ignite the Light - Share the Light

In case you missed our Facebook post.

“Our Mission - to provide people opportunities to grow in their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ.”
Help us Share the Light of Jesus as we turn on the power at Eagle’s Wing.
It will take $5000 to get electricity to our retreat center. We're showing how we're lighting up the night with a string of lights through the woods. Another light comes on for each $250 reached. (We’re over $1250 already!) Whether you can give $5 or $500 your tax-deductible gift will help us with our mission. Thank you!
Update! We've reached the $1500 mark! Thank you to everyone who has donated!

Stained-Glass Windows in an Old Barn?

One of our core purposes at Eagle's Wing is to support and encourage a "Christian World-view" of the arts. One way of doing this is to create and display beautiful works of art around our campus. And what could be more "artsy" than a stained-glass window in an old, restored  barn?

We offered a fund-raiser on Facebook where people could donate $15 to buy a beautiful piece of glass for our barn window. We had a great response! Thank you! If you would like to support more stained-glass art at Eagle's Wing you can donate here or visit our original post on Facebook and give there.

     This is the old window that is being re-made to go in our barn. We'll show progress in another post.

Here's a link to the original Facebook post -

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