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Every penny goes toward fostering the renewal of spirits and nurturing of faith.


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Your donation is more than a financial contribution; it’s an investment in our shared mission to nurture faith and provide spiritual renewal. Your generosity empowers us to create an environment where individuals can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, find solace, and experience personal transformation. Every dollar you give is a testament to your belief in the power of faith and the importance of supporting those in need of spiritual guidance and renewal. We are deeply grateful for your partnership in this mission, as together, we make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of many. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey.

Why Give Online?

Online giving is the simplest and most secure way to support Eagle’s Wing Ministries. It’s convenient, accessible 24/7, and ensures your financial information is kept safe. By giving online, you streamline the process, maximizing the impact of your donation. Whether you choose to make a one-time gift or set up recurring donations, your support has an immediate and lasting effect on our mission of nurturing faith and providing spiritual renewal.

Ways to Give Online

You can donate via Square by clicking on the logo below or by following this Link.

You can donate via PayPal by clicking on the logo below or by following this Link.

The 200 Challenge

We want to let you in on something truly special happening here at Eagle’s Wing Ministries. You know, they say that good things take time, and we’re wholeheartedly embracing that journey.

We’re seeking 200 remarkable individuals or businesses who are willing to commit just $5 a month for a year to help us bring our dreams to life. Making this pledge is as easy as pie, right here on our website. And hey, for those who prefer social media, we’ve got options on Facebook (pretty sure about this one).

You’ll notice some posts on Facebook and Instagram highlighting wonderful $5 finds from our local businesses and other treasures. Not only do these posts support our local community, but they also remind us of the incredible impact that a simple $5 monthly commitment can make. Ready to join us? Feel free to drop us a message or shoot us an email to let us know you’re one of the 200 making waves of change!

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