Eagle's Wing Ministries

Our Mission - to provide people opportunities to grow in their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

200 Strong!

We want to be 200 strong!

Things are moving along wonderfully at Eagle's Wing! If the old saying "slow and steady wins the race" is true, then we are realllllly winning, lol.

We're looking for 200 individuals or businesses who will pledge $5 a month for a year to help make everything happen! You can set up a recurring donation through PayPal here on our website. Facebook has a way to make recurring donations too (we think.)

You'll see a lot of posts on Facebook and Instagram sharing some great things that you can get for $5 from local businesses and other places. This is to promote local businesses and to remind you what a great bargain it is to give only $5 a month. Send us a message or email us to let us know that you'll be one of our 200!

Thank you! Donate here.

Snow Tubing Grand Opening - 2021

Monday, December 21, 2021 was opening day!

What is snow tubing without snow? We have some special snow turf and fancy blue snow tubes and a nice hill. The perfect combination for a fun time with family and friends! 

This is our Winter fund-raiser for Eagle's Wing. Find out more about Eagle's Wing on our "about" page. (Our About page)


Snow Much Fun!!

We are having a blast at Eagle's Wing with all of the fun groups that are coming out for snowtubing!

The Gift of a Barn!

There are many things that have to happen as you begin a new ministry - planning, funding, ministry connections, construction... 

A very important component for a retreat center where people can go to #rest #reset and #soar is a building. Our plans included a barn, but finances were putting that off for a little bit. You can imagine our excitement when we were gifted a barn! Jarrod and Jodi were going to knock down their barn and replace it with - well, I don't know, but through a series of events and conversations we told them that we would LOVE to take their barn. The only catch is that we have to take it down, haul it over to the Retreat Center at Eagle's Wing and then put it back together. (I think that sounds a little easier than it is, lol.)

Here's the barn. Doesn't it look great?! (Sorry, the boat isn't included in the deal!)



Here are a few pics of the barn coming down. Look for more pics and an update tomorrow. A huge thank you goes to our our first de-construction teams: Cinde, Pat, Sherry, Terry, Andrew, Ben, Roger, Phyllis, Phyllis (2) , Deanna, Chris and Lyndel. And our fantastic chef for the day, Cheryl.


Taking Down a Barn

It was a lot of fun - and perhaps a bit therapeutic, lol. There's just something very satisfying about taking down a building without destroying it.

We had a great time with all of our volunteers. Some were able to work a few hours while others worked more than one day! Thank you to all! Here are some pictures of the barn coming down!